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Trump: The cops who shoot people are like ‘suffocating’ golfers

  • Donald Trump compared police officers who use excessive force to golfers who “suffocate” in important scenes.
  • Speaking to Fox News presenter Laura Ingraham on Monday night, she said, “They’re suffocating, like a golf match, they lose three feet.”
  • Trump was speaking after Kenosha police shot and killed unarmed black man Jacob Blake seven times in the back.
  • Trump is scheduled to meet with Kenosha on Tuesday afternoon, despite local officials asking him not to.
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President Donald Trump compares police officers to golfers using excessive force.

Trump made the comparison on Fox News the night before he left for Kenosha, Wisconsin, after police shot and killed Jacob Blake.

In an interview with Fox host Laura Ingraham on Monday night, she told police officers: “They are suffocating. Like a golf match, they lose three feet.”

Ingraham then interjected: “You don’t compare this to golf, because the media will say the same thing.”

The transaction can be viewed here:

Trump continued: “I say people suffocate. People suffocate, people are bad. You both have it. You have some bad guys, they suffocate.”

“You can be a police officer for 15 years. Suddenly you are confronted. You’re got a second to call a decision. If you do not make a decision – you’ve made a mistake and died. In that situation people suffocate, and they make a bad decision.”

In an earlier interview, Trump described a process that could lead to an officer being shot.

“They can do 10,000 big things, and that’s what they do, a bad apple – or a soccer player,” he said. “You know a choker. They’re suffocating.”

Getty Images 1228201676

Jacob Blake’s father speaks during a press conference on August 25, 2020, before the Kenosha County Court in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

Typhoon Coscon / Anatolia Agency via Getty Images

Wisconsin Judiciary investigators say Blake had a knife in his car, Was opening the door when he was shot. They also said that a previous attempt to prevent plaque with a taser had not been effective.

Said his family lawyer Blake is paralyzed From his wounds.

Trump said: “Shooting the guy, shooting the guy multiple times in the back, I mean, could you do something else? Can’t you wrestle him?”

Witness videotaped the moment when police shot Blake He said he saw the police Wrestle, punch and taser Blake before Blake shoots him.

kenoha resistance

Protesters march with Jacob Blake’s family during a rally on August 29, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin against racism and police brutality.

Stephen Matteron / AFP via Getty Images

Trump is due to visit Kenosha on Tuesday following protests and widespread damage caused by police shooting Blake.

Trump told reporters Monday He will not meet With Blake’s family during his visit.

He is due to meet with law enforcement and see the property damage caused by the unrest following Blake’s shooting.

Kenosha police oppose Jacob Blake of Wisconsin

On August 24, 2020, a protester confronts police in riot gear outside Kenosha County Court in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

David Goldman / A.P.

The government of Wisconsin was Tony Evers Trump urged “to reconsider.” He visited Kenosha, saying he was concerned that Trump’s “presence would only be an obstacle to our healing.”

The mayor of Kenosha was John Andramian He said he would like to If Trump does not visit.

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