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Trump meets CDC criteria to end isolation and is allowed back to active schedule by his doctor

The memo says Trump has met the conditions from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to end the isolation, but has not said Trump received a negative corona virus test since testing positive for the virus last week. However, the CDC argues that it is not a criterion for isolation.

“Except for the president’s meeting CDC criteria for safely stopping isolation, the Govt PCR model this morning, according to currently approved standards, he is no longer considered a risk of transmission to others,” the memo states. Reads an excerpt from Conley.

Ten days after Trump’s symptoms appeared, Conley wrote that he had “no fever” for more than 24 hours, and that after diagnostic tests, “there is no longer any evidence of an active response to the virus.”

Conley did not fully explain what “advanced diagnostic tests” the president received. For example, he did not disclose whether the so-called virus culture was performed – the process by which scientists tried to influence living cells to determine whether an active virus was present.

Conley’s latest revelation comes as Trump prepares to return to the campaign trail after being sidelined in the middle of a fight with the virus. As the campaign enters its final length, officials are likely to raise further questions about the president’s health as he continues to deliver words of caution.

Trump treated him Saturday The first public event Since his discovery, he has delivered the highest political speech to a packed crowd of supporters on the White House’s south lawn. He is currently scheduled to hold at least three private rallies this week starting Monday in Florida. Conley says he will continue to monitor Trump’s “return to the active schedule.”
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Officials – including Conley – have yet to release when the president tested negative before his positive test last week, which will provide insight into when he was infected and how high he was.

Trump left hospital earlier this week after being treated for the virus. Added pride to his speedy recovery For his quick treatment during an interview with Fox News on Friday.

He told Dr Mark Siegel, the network’s medical contributor, “It’s a secret to me that I got there soon.

Trump received the immediate dose of a test monoclonal antibody treatment at the White House and was later treated with the antiviral drug Remedicivir and the steroid dexamethasone during his hospital stay. He was also given extra oxygen, Conley said earlier.

This story has been updated with additional background information and context.

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