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Trump is campaigning to repair damage to the White House grounds from RNC events

The Trump campaign is based on a bill to replace a variety of lawns in the White House grounds. Republican National Convention Events A senior campaign official said Tuesday that southern lawn and parts of Rose Garden were damaged last month.

The amount to repair the landscape is unknown, but a White House official said it is not entirely uncommon for administrations to repair complex lawns after major events.

The White House also confirmed the payment in a statement.

“The grass is being replaced at no cost to taxpayers. In addition, planned infrastructure work is underway on the southern grounds,” White House spokeswoman Jude Deere told NBC News.

However, paying for the campaign could provoke the wrath of ethical officials, who have previously raised strong objections to holding a political conference attended by several government officials, including the president and vice president, at the White House. Under one Federal law is called the Hatch Act, Government employees are prohibited from engaging in certain political activities and using government resources for political propaganda.

Rose Garden Subject to extensive reconstruction Shortly before Melania Trump’s speech. She worked with first-time historians, horticulturists and others for months to restore the Rose Garden to its original 1962 design for her talk.

More than 1,500 people gathered at the White House grounds during President Donald Trump Appointment Acceptance Talk, Large-scale production, including staging and lighting, required heavy equipment.

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