Tom Brady opens about moving the family to Tampa to play for the Buccaneers

Tom Brady The exit created a shocking move New England Patriots For that Tampa Bay Buccaneers In office and in a recent interview he revealed, his family is still adjusting.

Brady appeared on the latest episode of Doc Shepherd’s podcast “Hand chair expert.” He opened up about the life of 43-year-old Tampa and the struggle to move to a completely new city with his wife, Kishel Bundsen, and their children.

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“We came to Florida for the last five months and my daughter said, ‘Dad, what are we going to do for Christmas? What are we going to do for Halloween? Is there a Halloween in Tampa? ” He said of his daughter Vivian.

Brady said another issue his daughter had was the heat in Tampa, which she loved six-time Super Bowl quarterback and she never went cold.

“Every time we eat, we eat outside, it’s like 85 degrees, [and] She will not eat out with us. She’s going home, ”he explained. “She said, ‘Dad, I never wanted this heat.’

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“But for me, yes, I want to be warm every day now. I’ll never go to cold weather. I’ve done it for 25 years.”

Brady described it as “not working with the Patriots” for one reason or another and that the new situation he was in was “perfect”.

Brady’s squad includes Ronald Jones III, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and former Patriot Rob Kronkowski. Buchanan also signed Leonard Fornett back last week. Jamees Winston, who quarterbacked the team last year, threw over 5,000 yards. Brady can put similar numbers.

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Tampa Bay face the New Orleans Saints in the first game of the season. The game starts at 4:25 pm and can be found on Fox.

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