Titans may face disciplinary action if review finds they did not follow COVID-19 protocol

When NFL and NFLBA officials landed in Nashville to reconsider the Tennessee Titans’ Govt-19 explosion, it set the team up to the point of facing the discipline of how they followed the ethics of collective negotiation. Many teams and coaches have already been fined for single violations, and if the Titans are found to have one or more problems they may be next.

The Titans currently have 10 players on their COVID-19 reserve list, and on Saturday they tested positive for defender Jeffrey Simmons and two coaches.

Sources say the NFL and NFLPA, which could complete their investigation in a few days, are investigating whether the wearing of mandatory Kinexon surveillance equipment violates protocols, leads to gaps in tracking data used in the communication channel, and whether individuals have failed in a timely manner. Report any symptoms they or their family members experience.

After the Titans explosion and positive trials with several teams, the NFL on Monday announced the head coaches and GMs across the league. News: If we want to end this season, there can be no satisfaction. Everyone plays a role. Ethics do not fail, people. Hope this situation is an awareness call.

Meanwhile, the originally planned Patriots-Chiefs game is being postponed to Monday or Tuesday, after New England quarterback Game Newton and the Chiefs training team tested positive in favor of the QB Jordan Damu Corona virus novel. Both facilities were closed immediately.

The New England tests came clean on Saturday, a source said. If neither team has much advantage by Sunday, they can play the game on Monday – both teams have the option of disrupting the schedule as much as possible.

One change the league is considering is to push the playoffs a week behind, to handle schedule changes due to COVID, to create a buffer week – week 18. This marks only one week between the Championship Games and the Super Bowl, but it is unprecedented.

The league always expects there to be such positive trials and tribulations, Chief Medical Officer Dr Alan Sills repeated it. Caution and control of the spread are important. It was determined why the Patriot-Chiefs game was postponed and that last week there was no Falcons game (despite a positive test from Cornerback AJ Terrell), the answer being that Newton and Tamu Terrell had much closer ties.

With the Patriots playing with the Chiefs on Monday – New England could fly to Kansas City on Monday – and if Denver is on track for the next game against the Francois, Brian Hoyer has a real chance to start both. Once the virus leaves his body and does so within 7 days, Newton must pass two COVID-19 tests, regardless of whether he has symptoms or not.

The Titans have 13 new positive cases from last Sunday’s game in Minnesota, but when the previous two coaches — a team player and a coach – tested positive, the Vikings had no positive cases and traveled to Houston on Saturday for Sunday’s game. Against the Texans. The protocols generally do not allow for a sports day test, but all Viking players and staff will be subject to “observation” of a quick end at the team hotel on Sunday morning.

This is something that can be established at the league level, if the situation requires it, sources say.

The Titans facility is closed until further notice, and will at least take a series of clean-ups to replace. As of now, their game against the Bills continues.

The Viking facility reopened on Thursday under sub-intensive protocols, which include daily maintenance testing, full virtual meetings and the mandatory use of practically personal protective equipment including masks or gloves and gloves (except for throwing quarterback’s gloves).

As for the Titan, many coaches have tested the positivity of spending games at the mountain training camp. Plexiglas classifiers are included this season and social distance is seen, but people are often stable and air flow does not seem to be marginalized. Between that area and the team plane, there were several additional risk factors for the COVID-19 transfer during the Titans’ voyage to Minnesota, which may have contributed to additional new positive events in recent days.

With other general knowledge changes, they will return to the deeply cleaned building with greatly improved protocols – for example, keeping the caller and the backup caller from spending time close to each other. One of the many small changes aimed at keeping everything intact.

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