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It has been dry for a few weeks with a slightly cold northeast wind. This will remain the case for some time as the weather is ‘locked in’, says meteorologist HLN. “For weeks we have been under the wing of an area of ​​high pressure over Britain. This is deflecting disturbances or lows towards Spain, where rain is more than welcome after a spring exceptionally dry, and towards Scandinavia. We often see the drought and the weak continental northeast wind that we have been experiencing for weeks in the spring. Think of the springs of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022: then it stayed During months dry. These blockages are becoming more frequent due to climate change. We will have the same weather for longer, and it can go both ways: we will be exposed longer to extreme drought on the one hand and extreme precipitation on the other. If you get such a stable high pressure area in the winter, you’ll get a dry cold snap.

Nicolas Roose (Noodweer Benelux): “Such a blockage can be very persistent. We will not see a structural change in the weather pattern for the next ten days: it will remain mostly dry and there will be plenty of sunshine. The northeast air is no longer cold, although the mornings are still quite cool. In the afternoon, the temperatures rise above the normal values ​​for the year. The heading of 30 degrees will even be in sight for the coming weekend and there is also a risk of local showers or thunderstorms.

source): HLN

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