Thousands of North Carolina residents falsely claim they have the corona virus

Thousands of North Carolina residents were recently reported positive Corona virus Tests, but it’s a mistake.

More than 6,700 people in Mecklenburg County North Carolina They said that in a text message sent from the McLenberg County Department of Health on Friday Tested Positive COVID-19 More than 500 people were informed by a county email that they had been infected with the corona virus novel. But due to a technical error in the health space the results were incorrect, which they use to track communication Report On the county’s website.

“An error during routine maintenance last Friday caused a county data vendor to send people false texts and e – mails that were in favor of COVID – 19,” the county’s website said in a statement.

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County Manager Dena Deorio sent an email to the County Commissioners Commission on Monday afternoon, which was posted on the government website.

The bug affected thousands of residents.

The bug affected thousands of residents.

“Very soon we understood the problem with the seller and began to confirm that it was not continuing. After fixing, we were notified that 6,727 text messages and 541 emails had already been sent to the people on their computer. Email Said in part.

First, County News claimed in a tweet that the public health COVID-19 test results were not sent via text message. If you received text like the one below, do not click the link and do not respond with any personal information. ”

But a few hours later, the county sent a tweet saying, “These texts were sent due to a technical glitch in the software system addressed by the software provider.”

It has been using the county health space since May to help track communication, Deorio said in an email to county commissioners.

“During a routine overnight maintenance, a problem occurred that resulted in a series of COVID-19 alerts being sent daily to individuals who did not wish to receive them. The cause of this problem was identified and resolved within 30 minutes. Initial report,” Health Space CEO Silas Garrison said. Report.

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“We apologize for any inconvenience to citizens who may not have been sent a warning or survey,” Garrison said in the letter.

The county website said no personal information was compromised and it took Health Space less than an hour to fix the problem. “Public health victims are not allowed to text or email positive or negative COVID results,” it said.

Authorities told the county site they contacted anyone who received false information and told them to ignore the results.

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