‘This Is S’ Season 5 premiere promo teases Kevin and Randall’s emotional reunion on the big three’s 40th birthday

The Pearson family is ready for a fresh start This is us Returns to NBC for its two-hour Season 5 premiere. As the play closed its fourth cycle, fans wondered where the next show would go. Now, the network has officially dropped its first This is us Season 5 Advertising, It teases some moments Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kevin (Justin Hartley), And Kate (Chris Mets) 40th time.

‘This Is S’ Season 5 promo trailer highlights Kate, Kevin and Randall’s 40th birthday moments

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New This is us Season 5 Advertising Filled with bite-sized moments, it will excite fans about the premiere. Rebecca (Monty Moore) kicks the trailer, telling teenage Kate (Hannah Jail) that “it’s time to start a new episode.”

Preview cuts to scenes from the current storyline. Randall throws a candle for the 40th time. But, as we know from the fall final, he did not spend his birthday with Kate and Kevin. On the contrary, he celebrates only with his wife and children.

Kevin is later seen in a mask. This is us desire Close the corona virus (COVID-19) infection In the new season. The promo jumps to a shot of Kate and Toby (Chris Sullivan). The couple decided they were Is going to adopt In Season 4, the two smile.

Justin Hartley, Chrissy Mets and Sterling K.  Brown plays Kevin, Kate and Randall in 'This Is S'
Justin Hartley, Chrissy Mets and Sterling K. Brown ‘This Is S’ | Morton de Boer / NBCU Photo Bank / NBC Universal via Getty Images

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As she touches the belly of Kevin Madison (Caitlin Thompson), the trailer glows as she is pregnant with twins. Kevin wears the same shirt he wore on his 40th birthday. So it could be Madison Pregnant future wife Season 4 Flash-Forward.

In the meantime This is us Season 5 Preview will not make fans forget A fight between Kevin and Randall. Kevin told his brother, “The day they brought you home was the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

However, the ad reminded fans that “every family deserves a fresh start.” Some scenes from the main cast are featured, including young Rebecca and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia).

The trailer ends with Kevin opening the cabin door that stands outside Randall. All the decorations behind Kevin indicate that it is still the Big Three’s 40th birthday. But despite the celebration, the moment is still tense.

What to expect from ‘This Is Ours’ Season 5 premiere

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The This is us Season 5 premiere Tuesday, Oct. 27, NBC. So, that ad can connect fans until then. But regardless, creator Dan Fockleman recently teased what was coming up during an interview TV Insider. Focalman revealed that the fight between Kevin and Randall would not be an easy solution. So their reunion in the premiere is unlikely to end the fight.

“It’s like clapping your hands and saying,‘ Well, that’s a different thing, ’and come back from it immediately,” he said. “It will take a lot to recover.”

Meanwhile, fans will discover Kate’s reaction to Madison’s baby news and Rebecca’s final decision on Alzheimer’s clinical trial. There will also be a flashback with Rebecca and Jack.

“It will give a lot of context to their pre-day environment [the kids’] Birth, ”Focalman said.

It doesn’t matter what happens when This is us Coming back to NBC, the latest ad proves that Season 5 premiere is worth the wait. So prepare the tissues now because it is going to be emotional.

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