This $ 160 Montorilian Xbox controller is not even made of Besker steel

If the Xbox outperforms the competition, every game special edition gets its game consoles and controllers, regardless of whether it is worth buying or not. At the appropriate time First show on Friday Mandalorian Season two at Disney Plus, Based on a new theme controller from Microsoft Star Wars Spinoff series. Capture: It costs 160 rupees.

The controller is compatible with existing Xbox One systems and the upcoming Xbox Series X / S systems (as well as PC and mobile), with a design and format reminiscent of some of the series’ signatures “Besker Steel.” Contains. This is the material behind the “Mondo” Jarin’s Bounty Hunting Armor. It also comes with a similar themed Xbox Pro charging stand. But it’s about the amount of extra benefits you get here for an expensive accessory bundle.

Standard versions of the controller and retail charge $ 60 and $ 40, respectively, so you pay a higher premium to receive Montalorian-Theme. Bad news for those who want to get their hands on this soon: It’s not launched until December 31, 2020. But for those who really want to go with everyone MandalorianSecond season You can access their new (or existing) Xbox console this holiday season, which seems like a solid purchase.

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