There is no way to move PS5 games from SSD •

PS5 game storage cannot be backed up to USB.

Following our PlayStation 5 review process, Digital Foundry offers a guided tour of the best new user interface today, exploring the menu system and new functionality – and it was during the recording of this video that two difficult issues came to light. The big thing is this: Right now, there seems to be no way to copy PS5 games from mainstream computer storage, which presents problems when filling up the SST. In this scenario, the only way to install new games is to delete the old ones, which means you will need to download and re-download them to play them again. Others Installed PS5 games in operation. The PlayStation 4 games installed on the PS5 are not affected – these are Can Moves to external USB storage.

Common with Xbox Series consoles, next-generation games for the PS5 can only be played from internal storage (or 1TB expansion card in the case of Microsoft consoles) and so far, Sony has not listed any third-party M.2 NVMe drivers for additional solid state drive space. The difference here, however, is that Xbox consoles allow all old and new games to be archived to external storage. You can not run the next gen games from there, but at least send the titles to internal storage without re-downloading. This does not seem to be a viable solution for the PS5.

To test this, we filled the PS7’s 667GB of available storage with PS4 games and then tried to install the new PS5 title. As you might expect, the system asks us to free up space – And the only way to make PS5 game data is to delete it. In an era where games usually break the 100GB barrier, it presents problems, and we hope Sony addresses this urgently.

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John Lynneman of Digital Foundry provides a guided tour of the PlayStation 5 user interface. Game storage options are offered around the nine minute mark.

One problem is less, but more limited than the PS4 is the way the PS5 game handles data stored. With the PS5 user interface, it is still possible to back up and restore PS4 game data from USB. However, the USB option is gone when addressing PS5 storage. This is totally assumption on my part, but the GameSave system on the PS4 was hacked many years ago – and you can buy software that modifies your savings with cheats, or allows you to share your savings with other users, instantly giving them platinum files, for example.

By keeping Sony fully in control of the PS5 data, it enhances security – but at the expense of user convenience. It should be emphasized that the PS5 automatically archives data stored in the cloud, similar to the solution for running Microsoft consoles since the introduction of the Xbox One.

SST storage issue – and the lack of PS5 header archive options is a concern, but we’re approached Sony to comment.

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