The woman, who played an FBI agent, sought free fast food

Rockmart, ca. (AP) – Police in Georgia have jailed a woman accused of pretending to be an FBI agent for eating free fast food and threatening to arrest restaurant staff if they compliment her.

Kimberly Rockstale, 47, of Dallas, has been charged with impersonating a public officer following repeated attempts to obtain free food at Chik-Phil-A, according to a Rockmart police arrest report received by the media.

Restaurant staff told investigators that Rockstale showed up at the location several times a week, posing as a federal agent driving a white minivan and threatening to take staff into custody if they did not comply.

The woman allegedly continued to tease as police arrived to make an arrest in the restaurant parking lot on Thursday and told authorities she was an FBI agent and her evidence was electronic. When handcuffed, the officers wrote in the arrest report, “We started talking inside her shirt as if we were talking to someone on the radio. We’ll arrest her and send someone to Rockmart PD.”

“You never hear a real officer ask for food anywhere,” Chief Randy Turner told news agencies. “If it is granted, we appreciate it. If it is discounted, we appreciate it. We will not listen to it or ask for threats.”

Rockstale was jailed Thursday and released on $ 3,000 bond on Saturday, online prison records show.

It was not immediately clear if the woman had a lawyer.

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