The wife of the Labor Secretary who attended the Rose Garden event is testing positive for the corona virus

Both Eugene and Trish Scalia Rose Garden attended the event President Donald Trump has announced that Judge Amy Connie Barrett has been elected to the Supreme Court to replace Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. They sat in the second row, next to first lady Melania Trump and former White House adviser Kellianne Conway – both of whom will be tested in favor of Govt-19.

“This afternoon, doctors confirmed that Trish, the wife of US Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia, has tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Ms Scolia is experiencing mild symptoms, but is doing well,” the statement said.

“This evening, Secretary Scalia received an examination and the results were negative; she did not experience any symptoms. The Secretary and Mrs. Scolia will follow the advice of health experts for Trish’s recovery and the health of those around them. . “

It is not clear whether Trish contracted the Scalia corona virus at the Rose Garden event. It has been more than two weeks since his positive test event, but it is not known when he was last tested. The incubation period of the virus can be up to 14 days.

At least 12 people – Trump, including First Lady and Conway – has tested positive for Govt-19 since attending the event on September 26th. Republican sentiments. Mike Lee of Utah and Tham Dillis of North Carolina – who was separated by other senators except for three seats in the second row during the outdoor ceremony – both of whom later tested positive as New Jersey ex-Chris Christie did. The president of the University of Notre Dame, where Barrett teaches, was diagnosed with the corona virus three seats away from the convoy and sitting behind the young children recommended at the event.

While part of the day’s events took place in the Rose Garden, there were also small, private meetings inside the White House that covered the distance between wearing masks or community, public health experts advised, to stop the spread of the virus. .

Dr. Anthony Fossie, The country’s best epidemiologist, called the Rose Garden Festival a “supersprader” event last week. Noting that many at the event did not wear social masks or masks, he said, “the data speak for themselves.”

This story has been updated with additional information.

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