The ‘Wandavision’ trailer confirms Katherine Hahn’s role in the Marvel series

When Vandavision Launching later this year, The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will hit TV sets in unprecedented ways. Although ABC and Netflix each had shows on MCU, it was always somewhat indirect. Vandavision It will be the first show based on superheroes we already know from the movies. A familiar face in the trailer, Katherine Hahn, makes people wonder what her role is Ambitious plan.

What is ‘Wandavision’?

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People in private know about events at the MCU Vandavision Named characters, Wanda and Vision, since their appearance throughout the history of the MCU. Vision was introduced as Jarvis, an artificial intelligence-powered assistant to Tony Stark. At the time, Jarvis was not in physical shape, but Stark helped run his iron suits and did what he needed to do to win his battles.

As Stark and the Avengers faced Ultron in second place Avengers The film did what they could not have imagined, and Vision used his AI interface to use the power of the infamous Mindstone as a living, breathing, artificial human being. During the same movie that became Jarvis Vision, fans were introduced to Wanda – also known as the Scarlet Witch. She had mental powers that could stop even the strongest heroes in her path.

The pair have not become an object right now. However, after Wanda was isolated because of Visa acting as her safe, the couple became more than friends and colleagues. They became an object.

Within that Infinite War With that came, the couple tried to live a less important life. After Thanos threatened the whole universe, everything came to a standstill. Thanos was killed for stealing a mental stone from his body shape in front of Wanda.

As Endcom, The sight seemed to die for good, and Wanda mourned his late companion. However Vandavision At the edge of its premiere, the character lives in some form, form or form.

However, people are wondering if another character in the trailer is going to make his fantastic debut for another character in the comics, Katherine Hahn.

Who is Katherine Hahn?

Katherine Hahn
Katherine Hahn | Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Hon a Hollywood is prime For many years. Very significant. His work on many jokes became a household name based on Han’s ability to make people laugh. With roles in hit films like How to lose a hand in 10 days, win a date with Todd Hamilton, And Anchorman, Han made people laugh in many hit films.

Han has been involved in many hit films and TV series since his departure. From a bow Women For his looks Parks and Amusement And success Bad moms In the movies, Hahn was often a secondary character, who stole regardless of the show. However, his most important television role came in winning the award ஒளி புகும், In it he played Rockwell Fine.

With a major role in Vandavision However, Hon may soon grow even bigger.

Who is Hon playing?

Not much is known about Han Vandavision The character is Agnes, but few They already believe She has found out. Daisy Johnston said Agnes, who was given a bad neighborhood in the trailers, could actually be a Marvel character.

Agatha Harkness made her debut in a magazine Fantastic four Series in 1974. He is a sorceress and he often gets his way using deceptive powers.

There will be character of this type Suitable for the Marvel Universe, Agnes becomes a guide to the Scarlet Witch. Since Agnes faced a similar fate in the comics, these claims may be supported by some gallery photos showing Hahn being burned.

However, until the release of the show confirms it, this speculation will have to be made. The show is set to release in December 2020.

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