The UK, which failed a new virus test, has detected 16,000 additional cases

LONDON (AP) – The British government has launched an investigation into how nearly 16,000 new corona virus infections were not recorded as a result of a technical glitch, which failed could have given new impetus to the eruption, critics say could easily get out of control.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told lawmakers on Monday that the issue was related to “automatic transfer of files”. It is widely believed that the problem is associated with file size limitations in Excel spreadsheets used in testing and tracking.

“This is a serious issue that is being fully investigated,” Hancock said. “Now it is very important that we work together to do it right and make sure it never happens again.”

Sept. 25 to Oct. 2 The Hancock House of Commons appeared after it was revealed over the weekend that 15,841 virus cases had not been listed. Although positive test takers have been told of their status, their contacts – about 50,000 – may not have been found, failing to allow the virus to thrive.

He said 51% of those who tested positive were contacted again and their contacts were reached immediately thereafter.

Despite the addition of several new cases, the government’s chief medical officer has not “significantly changed” his view of the course of the epidemic in the UK, which sees a second spike of the virus as in other European countries.

Jonathan Ashworth, an opponent of Hancock in the main opposition Labor Party, said the Conservative government’s plan to fight the epidemic was “bad” and that the latest issue affecting the country’s experimental regime was “putting lives at risk.”

Lawmakers from all parties have criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government for lack of testing capability, meaning some have been asked to travel hundreds of miles for a test, and there has been a delay in announcing their test results to the public.

There seems to be a recent problem with Excel file maxing out during automation. Although software is a staple in consumer settings, experts say there are many limitations to using it in the best programs.

“If it’s declared as Excel, then in terms of big data, the most disciplined software, Excel Limitations, is well known,” said John Croft, professor of communications at Cambridge University.

For the test and trail program to work better, contacts should be reported as soon as possible, within a few hours. Therefore, the failure of the authorities to inform the people who may be infected with the virus will lead to many more positive events and the government will have to impose more unnecessary restrictions on daily life.

Azworth has slandered the government’s recent failure at a “critical juncture in the epidemic” and said he may not have been happy to be unaware that he had been exposed to COVID, and that by the time hospital admissions increased, “we were in the second wave.”

“It’s not a mess – it’s worse than this – it doesn’t comfort me to say this, but it puts lives in danger,” Ashworth added.

Unregistered cases were added to the government’s daily new epidemics over the weekend, increasing the number to 12,872 on Saturday and 22,961 on Sunday. This compares with an average of 7,000 new cases a day four days ago. The number of new cases announced on Monday dropped to 12,594, but with changes related to missing cases, a trend is unlikely to be found.

Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, described the crisis as “very disappointing”.

“In order for the test, track and trace system to have a real impact on reducing the transmission of COVID-19, test results need to be reported quickly,” he said.

The UK, like other European countries, has seen an increase in corona virus infections over the past few weeks, prompting the government to announce continued national and domestic controls to put a lid on the epidemics. The new rules, together, limit the number of people allowed to place curfew orders in pubs.

The highest virus-related death toll in Europe is 42,400 in the UK. The government’s chief scientific advisers warned two weeks ago that the country would end up with 50,000 new cases a day by mid-October if more controls were not taken, leading to hundreds of daily deaths a month later.

Confusion in daily test numbers increases uncertainty as to whether controls work in suppressing the virus.


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