The UK, Germany and France call Iran’s nuclear moves ‘deep concern’

The UK, Germany and France released a statement on Monday Iran’s moves The “deep concern” over its nuclear program – the fate of the 2015 nuclear deal and the US role in it – remains uncertain.

Even after the Trump administration withdrew from the agreement with the United States in 2018, and despite Iran violating it, the three countries that established participants in the 2015 agreement have remained in support of the agreement (known as the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan or JCPOA). Limitations of its operation.

Biden relaxes gripping sanctions if Iran raises oil production: Reports

But these efforts took another step this month, with Iran announcing that it was expanding its enrichment and the UN. Enacted a law restricting the oversight of the Nuclear Monitoring Committee.

“Iran’s recent announcement to the IAEA that it intends to install three more layers of advanced centrifuges at its fuel enrichment plant in Natanz is inconsistent with JCPoA and is of great concern,” the so-called E3 report said.

These are the so-called restrictions placed on the Monitoring Group – the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) “does not comply with JCPoA and Iran’s broader nuclear obligations.”

“If Iran is serious about securing a place for diplomacy, it should not implement these measures,” the statement said. “Such a move would jeopardize our shared efforts to protect the JCPOA and the risks of compromising the important opportunity for a return to diplomacy with the incoming US administration.”

Analysts from the United States will block Iran if it does not increase its security to increase its nuclear production: reports

The reference to the incoming administration indicates when a change in policy on Iran may occur President-elect Joe Biden Inaugurated in January.

Biden and his incumbent executive have called on the United States to re-enter the deal. This will be accompanied by the easing of the “maximum pressure” policy pursued by the Trump administration.

“We think this is possible and achievable,” said Jack Sullivan, Pitton’s choice for national security adviser. The Wall Street Journal Event on Monday.

In fact, Iran has said it will follow the JCPOA if the United States re-enters.

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“The United States must carry out its obligations under the JCPOA unconditionally,” Foreign Minister Jawad Sharif said recently. Defender. “It must show its good faith, it must maintain its good faith, and then Iran will go back in full compliance with the JCPoA.”

The E3 statement said they welcomed Biden’s statements on the JCPoA and “a diplomatic path to address the broader concerns with Iran.”

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