The Swiss city will establish a minimum wage of more than K 4K per month

One of the richest cities in the world makes the minimum wage, which supporters say is relatively luxurious.

Geneva is in the top five of the most expensive places in the world, endorsing the minimum wage that would be considered stylized elsewhere, but aimed at getting food at the table for its poorest workers.

The Swiss city voted a two-thirds majority on Sunday, introducing a minimum wage of 23 Swiss francs ($ 25) per hour for a 41-hour work week. CNBC reported. It adds somewhere in the range of 3,53,300, per month, 4,100 or per year Highest minimum wage.

By comparison, the federal minimum wage in the United States is 25 7.25 per hour State wise terms This, according to Oklahoma, is only $ 2 per hour for the base minimum rate in some employment cases. On the Swiss border, in France, the minimum wage is less than half that of Geneva, According to The Guardian.

This step will be implemented this month, According to a system Refers to workers across the border in France and Switzerland.

“Through these votes, Geneva was able to maintain its appeal by rejecting the closure of borders and accepting the minimum wage,” the group wrote in a brief post, praising the decision and the opposite effect could “affect the independent movement” of nearly 200,000 workers across the border. Opponents of the new minimum wage argued that it would lead to layoffs and an increase in unemployment.

Voters twice before rejected the move in 2011 and 2014.

The current epidemic has shed new light on the problem of poverty in Geneva, which has seen a significant increase in the corona virus. Last month, TV channel France 3 reported that despite the city’s wealthy reputation, thousands recently started queuing up at dawn to get free food. According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics in Switzerland, about 8% of the Swiss population live in poverty.

“[It] I am amazed at how quickly this population was weakened by the crisis, “said Isabel Witmer, Geneva’s leading coordinator for crisis response.

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