The Swedish expert on the mask approach to COVID-19 is yet to come

Sweden’s best epidemiologist is not talking about the country There is no mask approach to COVID-19 infection Despite the number of new infections There is a high trend.

Anders Technell – equivalent to Dr. Anthony Fucci of Sweden – supported the decision not to force the mask on the country, which opposed locks, opening most schools, restaurants and businesses.

“We are concerned that this will reduce social distance, which is definitely the most important part,” Technell said UK New Statesman.

“Studies so far have not shown a dramatic effect, with France and other countries wearing the mandatory mask still experiencing large outbreaks of the disease.”

Sweden’s corona virus strategy largely relies on residents to follow community distance and health guidelines.

But the country’s public health agency said it would begin empowering local areas experiencing the eruption this week, advising residents to avoid certain public spaces such as shopping centers, concerts or sports games.

“It’s more of a lock-in situation – but a local lock-in,” said Johan Knojt, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases in Uppsala. Told the telegram.

Sweden has seen an increase in new cases to more than 106,000 since the beginning of September, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University.

The Nordic Nation has recorded 5,922 deaths among COVID-19 patients, which is higher than its neighbors, but lower than countries such as Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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