The soap around Activision’s mega takeover continues: Microsoft and Nintendo reach Call of Duty deal | Technology

Tech company Microsoft has signed a deal with Japanese gaming group Nintendo. This means Xbox games from Microsoft and, in the future, Activision Blizzard titles like call of Duty coming to Nintendo platforms. The agreement between Microsoft and Nintendo is for ten years.

New games in the Call of Duty series will now appear on the same day as versions for Microsoft’s Xbox game console. The deal only applies if Microsoft is allowed to take over Activision Blizzard, which makes Call of Duty.

With this agreement, Microsoft wants to show that the acquisition of the game company Activision Blizzard does not lead to a decrease in competition in the sector. This purchase, for which the manufacturer Xbox is ready to pay 69 billion dollars (!) is by no means certain. The acquisition of Activision, which is also behind titles like World of Warcraft And Guitar Hero would make Microsoft the third largest video game company in the world.

European Commission

US regulator FTC wants to block the purchase in court, while the UK watchdog has previously said it will reduce consumer choice. The European Commission is also carrying out an in-depth investigation, which should lead to a decision in the coming months.

Earlier, Microsoft also said it wanted to make Call of Duty available for other platforms. But Sony, the maker of the PlayStation video game console, joined in criticizing the deal. PlayStation is Xbox’s biggest competitor. Nintendo’s main game console, the Switch, is aimed more at people who play a game once in a while than at avid gamers.

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