The Right Aid worker was fired for asking a client to wear a mask or leave

A Pennsylvania Right Aid worker said he was fired after an angry customer destroyed the store because he was asked to leave for not wearing a mask.

Shift Manager Elena Santiago, 40, The York Daily Record said A young man carrying a skateboard arrived in the chain on Thursday afternoon, September 3, in Pa., York.

The person ignored his first two requests that he cover a face under state law.

She tried to give him one of the hand-held masks for customers at the store, but the person rudely turned down her offer, she said.

“If you are going to insult me, I am going to ask you to leave the store,” he reminded the customer, warning that he would call the police if he did not do so.

When the person threatened to attack her if she dialed 911, she asked the cashier to call other staff to help with the situation.

The person responded violently and moved the cashier to a press rack, he said.

Security footage shows a man throwing shop footage to the ground and tapping into a cash register.

He then leaves the store and smashes a front window with his board.

The next Tuesday, Santiago said he was fired a few days later, and is worried he will not get a new job during corona virus infections.

“I don’t really understand that,” he said.

“I was fired for defending myself. They punish me for defending myself. I think it’s unfair how they handled it.”

Right Aid did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company’s spokesman Chris Saueris declined to comment on the Daily Record.

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