The redesigned version of Spider-Man on the PS5 will not allow you to activate your PS4 storage

The biggest hit of the insomnia games 2018 success Spider man Redesigning For the PlayStation 5 with ray-tracking, fast loading and support for the new Hoptic concept of the DualSense controller. Even better, it will be available with a back-up on the PS5’s launch day Spider-Man: The Ultimate Edition of Miles Morals.

But if you’re waiting for the PS5’s new hardware, refill Spider-Mans Virtual Manhattan, unfortunately can not convert your storage from the original game to the redesigned version, Insomnia Game Confirmed On Twitter. Since Sony has not pronounced PS4 savings will work for any other game on the PS5, we do not know Spider man Situation exception or rule.

There are still some questions about the backward compatibility of the PS5 with the PS4 games. We know PS5 will be there “99 percent” backward compatibility Sony is with the PS4 titles that Sony has tested so far, but Sony has not said which games will still work.

We also know that you can play 18 classic PS4 games on the PS5 if you have to Have a PS Plus subscription, But it is not clear whether you can run the disk or download versions of those games on the PS5 or whether your previous savings will be enabled. “Select” PS4 and PSVR games Do Works on PS5 Available “Faster and smoother frame rates” though.

Sony did not respond to a request for comment.

Also, if you buy an expensive PS5 with a disk drive, you will not be able to get the default version. Spider-Man rearranged Own, According to insomnia games – It seems to be only available in part Spider-Man: The Ultimate Edition of Miles Morals.

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