The race to become Fiden’s foreign secretary is already underway

Do not count them

Other appointments during the Obama administration include foreign affairs analysts: Samantha Power, who served on the National Security Council and as US ambassador to the United Nations; Tom Donilan, Obama’s former national security adviser, has long known Pita; And Wendy Sherman, a leading architect of the Iran nuclear deal, who served as Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

Current or former diplomats say Biden should seriously consider tapping a current or former foreign service officer into his secretary of state. This would indicate that he has got his back to the State Department staff.

Under Trump, many US diplomats are portrayed as a “deep state” determined to sideline and destroy the president’s agenda. Trump has repeatedly sought to cut the State Department’s budget by a third, but Congress has blocked it.

“Not only is the next foreign secretary to be a diplomat-head, but it is also important that the foreign ministry be able to repair the damage done by the Trump administration,” said a former Obama-era foreign ministry official.

Among the preferred candidates with deep sectoral ties was William Burns, who served as Under-Secretary of State under longtime Foreign Service Officer Obama. He is now chairman of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Another choice related to foreign service was Nicholas Burns, George W. Bush. He will also include Secretary of State for Political Affairs in the Foreign Office during the Bush years. He now teaches at Harvard.

Although the two have not openly campaigned for the post of Secretary of State, they both oversee or engage in projects that deal with the big picture questions about where US foreign policy is heading.

The Nicholas Burns initiative, known as the US Diplomatic Program, is designed to produce an impartial statement after the election, which outlines “how to rebuild foreign service for the next half century.” Notice In April.

In Carnegie, William Burns a Project Entitled “Making American Foreign Policy Better for the Middle Class.” It seems that there is sometimes a disconnect between US foreign policy choices and economic decisions affecting ordinary Americans.

In an article he co-authored for Foreign Affairs, William Burns outlined the serious challenge he faces facing whoever is chosen as Fiden’s Secretary of State.

“After four years of relentless attacks by the Trump administration and decades of boycott, political stagnation and institutional slump, US diplomacy has been badly broken. But it’s irreparable, at least not yet. ” Article In the states. “What is needed now is a major renewal of diplomatic capability, an attempt to balance the ambition with possible limitations at a time of growing difficulties domestically and abroad.”

Biden’s aides and allies do not want to discuss potential employee choices – the election could still go both ways, they say, and they are laser-focused on overthrowing Trump above all else. Burns (unrelated) did not comment on the story. Donilan declined to comment, while Sherman and Power did not respond to requests for comment.

Planning for a change of presidency for Biden has been going on for months, with paid and unpaid advisers Is playing A stock. Recently, the change team Not so subtly told People who are already tapping into cabinet positions are tapping into it.

“Our focus between now and Election Day is to defeat Donald Trump and unite our country to deal with the crises he has failed to address,” campaign spokesman Michael Quinn said. “The task of rebuilding our government to meet those challenges will come after that.”

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