The OnePlus 8 finally gets the ever-running Display-O, yes and Android 11

OnePlus is true to its reputation. “Best Android OEM“Was the first third-party manufacturer to send the final Android 11 build to its phones. The big update is the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro week end, 32 days after OS Pixel hit phones. Some companies, including OnePlus, are involved in the Android 11 beta program, but this is not the case First standard release Outside of pixel phones.

As for OnePlus, Android 11 brings an update to its Android skin, and that’s the title addition Then Years of Complaints, The company finally adds the display mode that always runs on its smartphones. Always running display never turns off, always shows time and notifications on your phone. The trick to doing this without killing the battery is that OLED displays have a one-pixel lighting control (as opposed to screen-sized backlight on the LCD), so black pixels can be turned off. With a low white-and-black interface, you can display important information all the time while only affecting the battery.

We check our phones Almost a hundred times a day If you are sitting at a desk to view things like time or announcements, the visual display always allows you to do it all the time without touching the phone. Containing the most important information ever available, Hands Free, it’s hard to leave it at that once you’ve lived with it, here OnePlus has finally caught the competition. Google, Samsung, Motorola and LG have been sending this feature to budget phones for many years.

OnePlus has a ton of different always visual designs with some different styles of digital and analog clock. If the minimum battery drain generated by the feature is not right for you, you can always set the display to run only on one table (so it can be turned off at night) or turn it off completely.

Everything Android 11 Features Here’s a new series of media player notifications that live in quick settings, one-time permissions, new emojis, keyboard auto-fill, bubble support and notification history.

Now the big issue we have to overcome from OnePlus is monthly security updates instead of two-month security updates.

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