The masked singer shocked the audience as Mickey Rourke first bizarrely unveiled himself for a reality show

The fourth season of the reality show is currently taking place in the United States, and on the first show of the series, the Hollywood star took off his mask before being instructed.

Wrestler Actor Rourke did it two weeks before deciding he was wearing his Kremlin outfit. He pulled the mask off after the show, which inadvertently forced him out of the match.

Host Nick Cannon struggled to control the surprise of unexpected events: “We lost control. It was a Mask SinghFirst – we did not vote, others did not come out. “

Following the revelation, Roork refused to do any press and cut off all ties with the show.

When asked why he aired the series, Rourke said he “liked the show” and “was in the neighborhood.”

He added: “I watched four episodes and they asked if I was interested, so I watched from the beginning.

An unreleased rookie then co-starred with Cannon on Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” show.

Mickey Rourke left The Muscat Singer after revealing himself as a contender(Fox)

Teasing his appearance on the first episode, which aired in September, a masked rookie said: “Despite my verified history, I can be really beautiful. A true love. You may have heard that I can fight a little, but I also have a fluffy side.”

“I adore all animals, torturing enemies with long loops and foreign objects on the beach for maximum impact. I also like to cook. Maybe you’ll like what you see. I want to take you to dinner. I mean, first of all, sneak in when I serenate you.”

Roorkee’s acting credits include Angel Heart, Butterfly, Sin City And Costs.

Evan also played the villain “Wiplash” Wanko in the movie Marvel Iron Man 2.

Masked singerKen Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Dick and Jenny McCarthy Wallberg.

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