The map shows if Trump or Biden wins

Pictures of Donald Trump and Joe Biden facing off on November 3rd.  (Cartridge)
Trump vs Biden. (Cartridge)

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Donald Trump has led Democratic nominee Joe Biden to become Florida’s leading wars state, and since the initial results began to emerge, other competing swing states, including North Carolina, have been in the air.

Follow the twists and turns US election With the interactive map of Yahoo News UK, it will help to find out which states will turn blue and red.

If the electoral college system used to elect the president is a popular vote then victory is not guaranteed. In 2016, Trump lost votes to Hillary Clinton, but became president by winning the Electoral College.

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Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin It is one of the key oscillating states that could give Trump another four years or reinstate a Democrat in the White House.

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Other states to focus on are Arizona, Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia.

The interactive map above will allow you to track how candidates are landing in the county and the elections to the Senate, House of Representatives and Governors.

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