The Madrid Opera was closed due to the anger of the audience in the crowd of cheap seats

Madrid – A major breakthrough in corona virus cases in Spain has revived all sorts of tensions – even inside the capital’s Royal Opera House.

On Sunday, a show by Giuseppe Verdi on “Unfollow in Masera” on the Detro Real was canceled, with spectators shouting and applauding for more than an hour in protest of their claim that the opera house’s mezzanine levels did not have enough social distance. Photos and Videos In contrast to the orchestra level of the auditorium shared on social media, it showed rows filled with people in the upper sections of the house, where the audience was separated by empty spaces.

“I have never seen anything like this in my 35 years in this job,” said Julio Bravo, a journalist with the Spanish newspaper ABC’s Opera.

Mr. Demonstrations were kicked out by spectators in Bravo, Mezzanine, where they began clapping and shouting that the performance should be stopped due to the crowd.

“We all know that the Spaniards are provocative and it is clear that we are now in a situation that could help provoke protests and complaints,” Mr Bravo said by phone.

Detro Real said in a statement on Monday that it had complied with the latest rules set by the regional government of Madrid, which restricts art galleries to 75 per cent of their capacity and further limits ticket sales to 65 per cent. As long as the mask is worn, the new rules do not impose that empty seats should be among the spectators.

The shouts and protest applause began as performance conductor Nicola Luisotti reached the stage. After a late start, he was able to get overdue before the administration was suspended to re-establish order among the audience. A spokesman for Detro Real said 200 spectators had been moved to less crowded seats.

But some did not move and instead continued to protest. Mr. After the restart of the Louisville Opera, after Raman Vargas had finished his first area, the performance was again disrupted by applause and shouting, and Mr. Louisotti abandoned the band’s pit for good. Mr Bravo said the evening ended with audiences seated in different sections of the auditorium trade charges as to who was responsible for the performance breakdown.

Detro Real said in a statement on Sunday night that it was complying with government security measures. Only 905 seats in the house have been sold, which equates to 51.5 percent of its capacity. This gave unhappy audiences the opportunity to travel elsewhere, the report added, or received a refund for their tickets, but instead confirmed that the opera could not continue with the “extremely reduced” number of spectators.

A Detro Real spokesman said he had investigated the opera house as “a lamentable incident”. In the future, they will come forward to relocate the audience before the performance starts, if it becomes clear that there are other sections where the crowd is less, he added.

But Sunday’s cancellation sparked a debate on social media over whether the Opera House was guaranteed. Safe conditions For those in the most expensive seats. Detro Real insisted on Monday that there was no discrimination: it had sold more of the low-priced mezzanine seats.

Sunday evening’s performance came at the end of a tense day in which Madrid witnessed several street demonstrations against the new locking measures, which came into effect on Monday and affected about 850,000 residents, mostly living in the suburbs of the city. The return to partial locking follows a major upsurge in Govt-19 cases in the Madrid region, following a very short hiatus in early summer. For those living in Madrid’s new lock-up areas, Sunday’s last chance to listen to Verdi’s opera: Prohibits travel other than work, school or medical emergencies.

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