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The Louisville police officer who murdered Prona Taylor is raising money to retire

Detective Miles Cosgrove was one of three Louisville officers Shooting at Taylor’s apartment For serving on a search warrant related to Taylor’s ex-boyfriend last March.

Taylor, an emergency room technician, died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Now, Kaskrov is looking for funds in the “Christian Grudfunding Platform” Kiwsentko, so he can “buy the rest of his service time” and retire, according to the fundraiser. He wants to focus on the safety of his family, which, according to the explanation, has been threatened since protests erupted after Taylor’s murder.

“Miles’ reputation has been completely erased and psychological trauma is something he will have to deal with throughout his life,” the fundraiser explained. Reads.

Cosgro’s lawyer, Jarrod Beck, confirmed to CNN that the page had been set up by Castro’s family members, but declined to comment further. Kiwsentko was also approached to comment on the CNN campaign, waiting to be heard again.

The detectives are currently seeking 000 75,000 and, as of Wednesday morning, have collected more than 000 9,000.

The Louisville Courier Journal First reported about the fundraiser.
These are the people at the center of the Prona Taylor case

Kaskrov and Officer Jonathan Mattingly were two of the three officers who arrived on the night of March 13 when Taylor was killed.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said Cosgrove was involved in a dangerous shooting, but neither of them was charged that night – he said it was fair because Taylor’s boyfriend first shot the officers.

A third officer, Brett Hankison, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault in the first degree for indiscriminate firing on an occupied apartment.

Hankison pleaded not guilty.

Cameron told CNN affiliate WDRP that he was not looking for murder charges against Kaskrov or Mattingly.

The decision of the grand jury to convict only one of the officers involved in his death, the lowest of the four class criminals on the Class D charges, provoked protesters in Louisville. Last week, Two Louisville officers were shot Including a demonstration and dozens of protesters Kentucky’s only black female legislator, Were arrested.

Giwsentco Provides Fundraising for Gayle Returnhouse and Kenosha Officer

Giwsenko currently raises funds for two charged gunmen: Kyle Returnhouse, 17-year-old first-degree murder accused of shooting two people during a protest against police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin; And Retired Shesky, The Kenosha officer who shot Jacob Blake. The campaigns have raised over 000 500,000 and $ 30,000, respectively.
Prona Taylor inquiries are as far-fetched as claims for transparency
Kiwsendko did not immediately respond to CNN’s requests for comment In a release Heather Wilson, co-founder of Givesentko, said the site allows campaigns “even if we do not agree with them” as long as the financial system is legal.

The story was reported by CNN’s Ray Sanchez and Mark Morales.

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