The latest Google help announcement is the biggest news for Android Auto

More specifically, Google has partnered with the developers of the 30 most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store to add in-depth help integration, including Spotify, Snapshot, Twitter and more.

People do a lot more with their apps than just opening and searching within apps, and we like to run voice commands for frequently occurring tasks.Google Explains.

Now you can play music, start streaming, post on social media, order food, pay back to a friend, ride – the list goes on and on – all with just your voice. Starting today, more than 30 of the best apps on Google Play will be available in English worldwide using your voice, and more apps may come.

This new announcement is also great news for Android Auto users as it is an important part of the experience behind the wheel of Google Assistant.

Many apps that get in-depth assistant integration are already available on Android Auto, and it opens the door to much more advanced hands-free interaction while driving. For example, in Spotify, Google Assistant allows you to enable specific compounds and playlists.Hey Google, open the Motivation Mix on Spotify.

Needless to say, this Google Assistant update allows drivers to do more with voice commands behind the wheel. For example, with advanced support for voice commands, apps can post new content (such as Twitter or Snapshot), record an activity (in functional tracking tools like MyFitnessPal), or search for products in online stores. It is not recommended behind the wheel.

All of this allows Google users to create custom shortcut phrases, so for example, if you want to run a specific combination on Spotify, use the command “Hey Google, let’s start the party.

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