The latest ‘Fortnight’ connection makes the 60GB game on PC smaller

During the main balance Fortnights The latest update is to add something new Halloween themed skins And the upcoming sports concert J. Paulvin, Is also a welcome surprise if you play on the computer. On Windows, War Royal’s new 14.40 patch is about 27GB. Once you have downloaded the update, it reduces the size of its final installation Fortnight It will take from about 90GB to the currently manageable 31GB. As stated in it Fortnight level Twitter account, Link improves the file structure of the game. PC players should see improvement in loading times as a result. Future updates will also come in smaller downloads.

Such as live service games Fortnight Not new to balloon installation sizes. As PC Gamer Notes, in 2018, you only need to allocate a normal 18GB to install Fortnight On your computer. But even as the game grew to 90GB, it was far from the worst offender. With Call of Duty: Warson Update for season five, Infinity Ward’s Battle Royale began to take as much as it wanted 200 GB on PCs. Fortunately, like the epic, most studios have realized that something needs to be done about this issue. Blooming recently Said The size of that installation Rule 2 Once in a while the game shrinks by 30 to 40 percent Beyond the light Expansion is coming out November 10.

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