The investigation began after mail bags were dumped at 2 locations in the LA area

The investigation is underway after surveillance video was captured of mail bags being dumped in the parking lot of Glendale Spa. CBS Los Angeles reported. Video taken outside the 7Q salon shows a budget box truck supporting the parking lot. A few minutes later, you can see the back of the bag being thrown to the ground from the back of the truck.

Lilia Xeropian, co-owner of the salon, found the bags and took a video of an American cell phone Thursday when she realized they were filled with hundreds of unopened envelopes and packages from the U.S. Postal Service.

“It’s totally unusual,” Seropian said. “Basically, if they take it for their personal use, they have to drop all the unopened packages somewhere.”

Seropian said the incident has made him very worried Recent controversy surrounding the postal service.

“Of course this is questionable,” he said. “You think, ‘Well, something’s going on,’ because those boxes and packages are inaccessible to anyone.”

Glendale police said they were called about several bags of mail that had been dumped in an alley about half a mile from the spa shortly before the mailbags were found in the salon parking lot. It was not immediately clear whether the same truck was involved in both incidents.

A spokesman for the Postal Service said the agency had no comment on the ongoing investigation, but that a CBS LA had been sent to collect the mail.

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