The guides combine the details of Darkness Rising Part 2

Has details for the new brilliant event of Harry Potter: Guides unite. It’s called “Darkness Rising Brilliant Event Part 2” and it picks the place where Part 1 left off last week, referring to Harry Potter and the other characters in the game as the “malicious” uprising of disaster coming into play. Joining Halloween is part of the Dark Arts-themed month, but it comes at a crucial time Harry Potter: Guides uniteHarry Potter begins to learn more about how disaster is handled.

Harry Potter: Guides unite Darkness Rising Part 2 Advertising Image. Credit: Niantic

Dark Rising Brilliant Event in Part 2 Harry Potter: Guides unite Runs from Tuesday, October 20, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Tuesday, October 27, and will feature the following brilliant foundables:

  • Porkin – Found in the brilliant Portuguese
  • Brilliant Dark Witch – Encounter on the map
  • Brilliant Dark Guide – Meeting on the map
  • Giant Stone Hand – Earned in Guide Challenges
  • Ominus Masks – Special Assignment Work Reward

Niantic, of them Notice, 1.5 km to the Portuguese event. Keep in mind that these will not reward Porkin for having the remaining brilliant portfolios from previous events, including Darkness Rising Brilliant Event Part 1. Part 2 portkies will only offer Part 2 rewards.

The in-game store has a free pack that includes:

  • 4 Angels trumpet
  • 6 Banberry
  • 6 Pubotoper pus
  • 4 Bulbatox juice
  • 2 Dragon liver
  • 4 Titani
    2 Break Home
  • 25 spell power
  • 2 Wormwood

Notably, the Darkness Rising Part 1 foundables include Snatcher and Poacher, which will continue to receive complaints with low HP Harry Potter: Guides unite Community and the amount of spell needed to defeat these enemies.

Break down all the missions and rewards that are part of Darkness Rising Brilliant Event Part 2. Harry Potter: Guides unite. Niantic has done their best to replace these special tasks with more player-friendly ones, and Bleeding Cool will soon launch a complete breakdown of these tasks to show the company’s progress.

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