The first unused iPhone sold at auction for more than $63,000

Before the auction the device estimated by experts at around $50,000. This is the copy with 8GB of storage space that was $599 at the time. However, this device has been increased a hundredfold, with 63,356.40 dollars, or a good 59,000 euros.

The high yield is due to the plastic packaging: unopened items generally fetch more at auction. The authenticity of this plastic was established before the auction, as it is of course quite easy to reapply such plastic.

Apple stuff auctioned off for tons

The first iPhone is sought after because it is seen as pivotal in the smartphone revolution that followed. This original copy also sold relatively little compared to later models. A total of 6.1 million copies of the original iPhone have been sold. Apple now sells over 200 million iPhones a year.

Rare Apple-related items are more likely to fetch big bucks at auction. In 2016, a rare Apple-1 computer went under the hammer for $815,000, and in 2021 a similar model built by Apple founder Steve Jobs will fetch $400,000.

But it doesn’t have to be electric: Steve Jobs’ sandals recently sold at auction for $220,000.

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