The first Rivian electric pickup trucks will sell for 000 75,000

The Michigan-based startup said it will launch at 000 75,000 for the release version of its R1D pickup and 500-77,500 for the release version of its R1S SUV.

Both launch version vehicles will offer a driving limit of more than 300 miles at full charge, although the long-distance version of the R1T will be available in January 2022 with a limit of over 400 miles. The long-distance version of the R1S SUV will be available later, reducing the costly short-distance versions of both vehicles. The company says these will have enough power to go 250 miles between charges.

Rivian’s prices are the same for all high-performance wheel-drive versions Tesla’s CyberTruck, Within the promised range of over 500 miles. That truck is due to be delivered to customers later next year. The Rivian is slightly less expensive than the Tesla Model X SUV with 371 miles. Rivian’s prices are much lower than General Motors’ initial $ 113,000 GMC Hummer EV.

The first Rivian R1D pickups will be offered to customers in the United States in June 2021, and the first R1S SUVs will be delivered in August. Other versions besides the release version models will be available in January, 2022.

Customers who already have a deposit can start pre-ordering their truck or SUV on Rivian’s website on Monday. Others can start ordering on November 23rd. This site will allow buyers to choose from at least 10 different colors for their vehicles with different wheel and tire packages.

Boot Green is a special color option offered only on boot version models.

Customers can choose between two tool packs, Achievement or Explore. Both have an all-glass roof, 4G-enabled WiFi and a flashlight on the driver’s side door.

The road package includes underbody reinforcements for safety while driving on the road and a power-driven cover for the pickup truck.

The models with the lower price Explorer package will be similar to the boot version models, and will have matte black finishes and warm vegetarian “leather” seats inside the cabin. The Explorer fitted pickup comes with a manually operated bed cover that drives the width of the truck under the bed into the cargo tunnel. Prices for the R1T pickup with the Explorer package start at 500 67,500 and for the R1S SUVs, 000 70,000.

For electric vehicles at these prices, 500 7,500 is not tax deductible.

All trucks will have Rivian’s driver + hands-free driving technology Systems supplied by General Motors And Ford. Like those systems, the Rivians operate only on selected highways in the United States. Unlike Tesla’s automatic pilot, Rivian’s Driver + technology is designed for long – term continuous operation without a steering wheel drive.
There is Rivian Financial support from many companiesIncluding Amazon (AMZN), Which produces 100,000 electric supply vans, and Ford (F).

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