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The Fiden campaign put the fly swatters on sale within two hours after the vice presidential debate, and they have already sold out

Minutes after Wednesday’s debate, Biden’s campaign tweeted a photo of Joe Biden with a fly swatter and the caption, “Pitch at $ 5 to help fly this campaign.”

If you miss: Sen. Vice President Mike Pence. A flight made a very significant landing while discussing Kamala Harris. The fly lasted and the internet could not stop talking about it.

Two hours later, the Biden campaign website had $ 10 “Truth Over Flies” Swatters.

Within a few hours, a campaign spokesman said nearly 35,000 swatters had been sold.

“We saw the internet and our supporters sharing a viral moment online, so our digital team came together on the fly,” said Zack McNamara, business director of the Biden campaign. The aim was to show that “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will always choose truth over lies, science for fiction, and unity over division.”

Next to the Fiden-Harris logo, Etsy vendors who read various T-shirts that say “fly vote” and “truth on flies” are also jumping on this bandwagon. An Etsy salesman, Artemisa Clark, sells a mask that features a photo of Mike Pence flying over his head. He said he has already sold 1,666 masks and he also sells T-shirts and sweatshirts with the image.

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