The Crown Tundra trailer has a new look at the legends

Nintendo and Game Freak have released new ones Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield Trailer offers Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Players with another look Crown tundra, The second sword and shield expansion will be released in a few weeks. The trailer doesn’t reveal much of a hint, but it does give a new look to the expansion and the various myths it adds.

Unfortunately, the trailer is in Japanese, so you can not understand a single word spoken if you do not speak Japanese. However, you do not need to know the Japanese to understand what is going on visually. Again, not much is happening, but it could be one of the last appearances of the game before its release.

Below, you can see the new trailer for yourself:

Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield These are both available via Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, and are the only sites available. In the meantime, Crown tundra The expansion is set to be released on October 22nd. At the time of release, it comes to the last announced DLC game, the first bit, Armor Island, Re-released in July.

“The Crown Tundra is the second area you can visit with your extension pass” reads the official pitch of the extension. “See for yourself this vast expanse, with its glistening snow slides! In this fast-paced, snow-capped region, people have settled into a small, tight community. You get the job of exploring the boundaries of frozen land, something you ‘ve only seen so far during the Battle of Max Raid! And many legendary Pokemon crowns make the tundra their home. “

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