At this point we know everything there is to know about Google’s upcoming Chromecast-branded Android TV dongle. Provides And Specifications “Sabrina” has already been leaked Color options and pricing. Now we know what the upcoming Chromecast with Google TV will look like on the shelves of your local retailer.

Today’s leak is respectable Reddit, In the form of hastily recorded video, shows all angles of retail packaging.

The video is far away u / jsterninja, represents gfycat.

Expected Chromecast branding is strong, although the exact product name is inconsistent. From the front, it is branded as “Chromecast with Google TV” as expected from previous leaks, but the bottom of the package is abbreviated as “Google Chromecast”, which is interesting. The following clearly describes what was included in your purchase: the new Chromecast, a power cable and adapter, the Google Chromecast voice remote and 2 AAA batteries. I may have read a little more about it, but it seems to me that the simplicity of branding implies that this is not just another device joining the Chromecast line. The Google Chromecast – that is, the future of the site – but time will tell.

4K and HDR support was also expected based on this Specifications of the chipset, Here it is clearly named.

Based on the time and hardware of this leak already calculated in the inventory systems Various retailers, Chromecast with Google TV is likely to go on sale soon, maybe even on the 30th at Google Start the night at the event A formal announcement is expected.

Restorer Attract photos of the hardware inside the box, as well as tracking photos and video of the software. It is a complete unboxing and on hand, and is almost a week from the launch site we were expecting.

Photos of unboxing. Images via u / fuzztub07.

None of the information revealed is new, but these are the most detailed real-life photos of the upcoming Android TV-powered Chromecast we have never seen, and those who choose one will spend a lot of time in the coming years using the remote you see here.

The white color depicted here is probably the “snow” colorway Previously leaked. The details like a button and the back of the dongle and regulatory symbols illuminate are clearly visible. The remote is fully detailed, Agrees with previous leaks, And showcases its smooth curved back and unique buttons, including YouTube and Netflix. Again, nothing new, but these were not provided; They are the real thing.

The only fly in the ointment is that this ensures that the bundled power cable does not support Ethernet if you prefer Wi-Fi, so you will have to purchase an additional cable if you want to go that route (assuming the device supports it, you may need to confirm it first).

Three images of software on the Chromecast with Google TV show system details, storage and a redesigned interface. Images via u / fuzztub07.

Software details are similar to what we’ve seen before, showing the dongle running Android 10, not Latest Android 11. With built-in storage, only 4.4 GB is available for use, so do not expect these things to load with games and media. However, at $ 50, it does not compete with such extensively described devices Nvidia Shield, Which is three times more. Ad-heavy Rumor redesigned interface Promoting shows from certain streaming services has also been proven.

Scrolling through Chromecast UI for those interested From googlehome

Demonstration video of the new interface.

Stadia Is said Not already installed, currently available application will not work now, but that does not mean compatibility is not available. A different version of the application will be released later.

Excited? The lucky radiator probably caught one Respect for Walmart, So if you can’t wait another week to officially land, you may want to check what’s available in your area.