The CDC suggests that Americans should be thanked outside

The Center for Disease Control recommended the Americans Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing Keep their food out to prevent the spread of corona virus.

The Public Health Agency has made a number of recommendations on how to safely celebrate Thanksgiving Updated guidance About the holidays.

In addition to outdoor dining, the CDC said guests should limit the number of guests they invite, talk before they arrive about how they plan to celebrate, and reduce the number of people in the dining area.

The guidelines say, “When sharing food, one person can serve food and use single-use options such as plastic containers.”

Guidance to prevent the spread of the virus also suggests other common recommendations, such as wearing a mask and checking travel restrictions if you plan to travel on vacation.

The country’s leading epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Fucci Said on MSNBC last week Americans need to do a “risk assessment” When celebrating Thanksgiving.

“You really have to make a decision,” Fassi said.

“Do you want to put that person at greater risk from all parts of the country, usually at a crowded airport, without knowing if they have been harmed, without time for testing or isolation?”

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