The Bugatti Polit is an 1825-hp lightweight track monster

Since its acquisition by the Volkswagen Group in 1999, every modern Bugatti has been a heavyweight. Faster, thanks to their quad-turbo W-16s, but heavier. But Bugatti made its name not only on the affluent GT cars, but also on the lightweight race cars. Modern Bugatti can do this too.

Polit is a modern Bogatti lightweight concept. It takes the all-wheel-drive drivetrain from the Chiron — despite the hot engine tune — and marries it to a featherweight chassis. Planned numbers are difficult to conceive. One thousand eight hundred and twenty-five horsepower; 2733 pounds dry weight; A top speed of 300 mph; 3:07 in Le Mans lap, and 5:23 in a Norbergring lap. So, faster than an LMP1 car and In the league of Porsche 919 Evo. Crazy.

“We asked ourselves how the mighty W-16 engine could feel like the brand’s technical identity in its purest form – with four wheels, engine, gearbox, steering and only luxury, two seats,” Bugatti boss Stephen Winkelman said in a statement. “The key features in our opinion are that our iconic powertrain is well designed without any limitations in terms of weight to power ratio”

The Bugatti W-16 gets four new turbochargers to increase production at the Siratpur Sport from 1500 to 1825 Polite. The oil system has been upgraded to cope with high-speed track driving, while the new air-to-air intercooler with water pre-cooling system keeps the intake temperature under control. The Bolit does not even share its basic chassis with the Chiron, but instead uses a new design that allows LMP1-SQ reclining seat position. There is also a new push-rod suspension system, F1-style ceramic brakes and magnesium wheels.

One of the coolest details in Polite is the roof scoop. The modified material is formed at low and low speeds as the velocity rises, which is uniform, while at high speeds, reducing bubbles forming on the surface and improving airflow to the larger wing. Bugatti uses an “X” shape for the headlights, both of which represent the experimental nature of the Polit and pay homage to Chuck Yager’s Bell X-1 aircraft.

The Bolit is not taller than a classic 35, but one of the company’s most successful race car and Eto’o Bugatti’s signature designs, Bugatti notes. The launch of the Type 35 is significant here – the post-war Bugatti adopted the car’s lightweight, high-power protocols. Polit refers to a major departure from the brand’s current path, but in a way, it will return to form. Ettore will dig it out.

If it is subjected to production, Polly is a track-only hypercar built to FIA safety standards. Bugatti not only sent us car renderings, but A camouflage prototype was discovered Test at Paul Ricard in the south of France.

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