The Brownies’ Jarvis Laundry Otel Beckham Jr. won the 37-yard D.T.

The Cleveland Browns finished their opening run with a solid tactical game in Week 4 at the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Whiteout Jarvis Laundry He got the ball upside down without running back Nick Sup, Then shot a beautiful left hand pass Odell Beckham Jr.. 37-yard touchdowns.

Last season, Beckham completed a 20-yard pass to the laundry. Two years ago, Laundry threw a 2-point shift to the quarterback Baker Mayfield. The pass for Beckham is longer than any reception the laundry has received this season.

Beckham has 20 industry 30-yard welcome touchdowns, which are connected to Kansas City Tyrik Hill Beckham Jr. won the NFL in 2014.

Check out the animation of the play, courtesy of NFL Next General Stats:

It was the first Browns wide receiver laundry with a touchdown that passed after Mohamed Masako in 2010 against the Baltimore Ravens.

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