The Apple iPhone 12 and 12 mini battery size erases the mystery of reducing leakage capacity

Apple cites very similar numbers Battery life of its iPhone 12 series, What it offers IPhone 11 Samples. OK, save IPhone 12 Mini, Of course, it is not the forerunner, and has a thinner profile indicating a shorter battery life, which is even longer IPhone SE 2020,

Brazilian certification company Anadel (via Technoblock), However, now shed light on the possible cause. There, the IPhone 12 Mini Battery pack (A2471) and IPhone 12 The battery (A2479) has a capacity of 2227mAh and 2815mAh respectively.

The battery pack of the iPhone 12, in particular, may seem much smaller than the 3110 mAh unit in the iPhone 11, but Apple has cited the same endurance numbers for it, what does it pay?

* Rated skills

The Anadel list also states that the iPhone 12’s A2479 battery retains 2925.7 mAh capacity after 300 full charge / discharge cycles. Obviously, this is a higher number than the 2815mAh listed, and this may be due to the difference in conventional and rated capabilities.

Tito (A2471) for iPhone 12 Mini Battery Pack – Retained 2384.3 mAh after 300 cycles, always tied to 12 Mini against 2227mAh which is rated at 2227mAh. In fact, another 12 mini battery certification leak prior to the phone’s announcement explicitly states that the 2227 mAh pack is rated capacity:

If we consider the same thing for the rated 2815 mAh capacity of the iPhone 12’s battery, the usual number that manufacturers usually list in the mirror and go into our own database will be higher than 2925 mAh, so the higher available iPhone 11 is closer to the 3110 mAh battery.

It comes with a very cheap A14 chipset and OLED display technology IPhone 12, Despite the high screen resolution and slightly smaller battery, could explain why Apple is listing the same 17-hour video playback on the tariff for both phones.

However, the first iPhone 12 and 12 Pro tear gas will occur this week, and then we will know their usual battery capabilities.

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