The 4 best Android apps and games of the week (#21 2023)

Find your way out of escape rooms and keep track of what you eat. You can read about that and more in this edition of this week’s best Android apps and games.

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1. Calorie counter

Summer is coming and maybe that’s why you want to look your best. This may mean shedding a few pounds for you. To better understand how much you eat, it can be helpful to track your calorie intake. With Calorie Counter, you keep an exact track of what you take, with precise amounts of calories and more.

calorie counter

Via the app on your smartphone, you indicate what you eat and what kind of food it is. This way you know if you are eating too much fat, getting enough protein and getting enough energy from your diet. You can also easily scan snack barcodes to digitally record ingredients. Good luck!

Calorie counter – Stopwatch

Cronometer Software Inc.

2. Cube Escape Collection

Do you like a narrative puzzle or an escape room? Then check out the Cube Escape Collection in the Play Store. The app is a collection of all Cube Escape games from Dutch manufacturers. Put your brain to work and solve the puzzles.

Cube Escape Collection - Release Promotion

The games are challenging, but not impossible, and all have an exciting theme. Discover step by step the solutions to follow the story, but don’t worry: you can always ask for a hint if you don’t understand well.

Cube Escape Collection

rusty lake

3. Bolt

Bolt is known as a transport app. For example, the company offers shared bicycles, but also car rides. Previously, you schedule these rides at the time you want to leave, but from this week it is also possible to book a ride in advance.


The new feature allows you to plan your trip well in advance, so you no longer have to be late for appointments, outings or family reunions. You are returning from a plane trip. Then there are even special pick-up points available at Schiphol.

Bolt: Races on demand

Bolt technology

4. Hocuss

You may be familiar with the Penrose triangle. It is this three-dimensional triangle that seems infinite and difficult to understand. The Hocus puzzle app is full of these types of figures and adds a challenging element to them.

sleight of hand.  for iOS/Android/Windows/MAC

As a player, your objective is to move from one side of the figure to the other. Only some parts of the figure connect slightly differently than you might think. Challenge your brain and complete the puzzles of Penrose in Android game Hocus.

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