Tesla raises the price of the ‘full self-driving’ option to $ 10,000

Interpretation of the article that Tesla raised the price of the entire self-driving option to $ 10,000

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Tesla raised the price of its “full self-driving” software option to $ 10,000 on Friday, fulfilling the promise of CEO Elon Musk. Last week This follows the launch of a limited beta version of the software to enable a nearly $ 2,000 price hike in the United States, allowing a select number of U.S. customers to use Tesla’s autopilot driver assistance features such as automatic car parking and lane steering on the road.

In the same tweet announcing the price change, Musk said he would see comparable price increases when beta rolls over to other markets around the world. He had previously stated that he expects this software to be released across the network At the end of the year.

Improving technology is without a doubt the most accurate way to call it “full self-driving”. Tesla Alerts users Its beta program software still needs vigilance monitoring and “it can do the wrong thing at the worst possible time.” According to the Association of Automated Engineers, this feature currently meets the standards A level 2 self-driving system Five point scale, because driver supervision is still often required when using it. Higher levels, commonly known As “The real self-vehicle, ” The quality of the agency does not require driver intervention.

Tesla has been steadily raising the price of its entire self-driving package over the past two years, and it seems that Tesla has not wasted time to make up for the excitement among drivers, who are itching to pick it up for a spin after years of teasing about a fully autonomous mode. On the horizon. In May 2019, Prices ranged from $ 5,000 to 000 6,000 and then to 000 7,000 Later that year, Finally, 000 8,000 In June. Kasturi has been maintained several times Chump change compared to this steep price tag Value Tesla owners Get out of technology, No He argues Is “probably Somewhere, 000 is over 100,000. ”

As for how he got to that figure, your guess is just as good as mine. Meanwhile, Musk says the price of Tesla’s entire self-driving kit will continue to riseWith regulatory approval the software approaches full self-driving capabilities. “So this will not be the last price increase that Tesla owners will see.

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