Tesla Model 3 ready for powerlift gate, center console upgrade, new ‘Frank’ and more

Recent reports from China suggest that Tesla is poised to make some significant improvements to the model produced by Gigafactory Shanghai. If speculation proves accurate, Tesla’s most affordable sedan will soon have a lift gate and trunk, some factory chrome removals, the Model Y’s “Octovalve” and new headlights and taillights, to name a few.

The reports initially made their rounds on the Chinese social media site Weibo, where they were published by people familiar with the subject. As Tesla owner-activist shared on Twitter Es Tesla__Mania, The rumored Model 3 upgrades include several Model Y-inspired upgrades and some interesting changes that Elon Musk seems to have pointed out.

For example, in July, Elon Musk responded to a request from a Model 3 owner in China Power Lift Gate Requires Update. The owner in question has lost the ability to use his legs, making it challenging to use the Model 3’s manual lipgate and torso. Elon Musk responded to the story by saying that Tesla would install a powerlift gate upgrade for free to the owner’s Model 3. These gave rise to speculation that this feature would eventually become the standard for the Model 3.

Other features mentioned in the rumor, such as the Model Y’s “Octovalve” and a new Frank, were also pointed out by owners in the West. Over the past month, there have been reports from buyers of the Model 3 that Tesla has updated the design of all electric sedans. With that in mind Updated design of the front of the Model 3 Very similar to the Model Y, it was speculated that Tesla might use the most notable features of all electric crossovers – such as its “Octovalve” and heat pump – in its mid-size sedan.

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This also applies to the rumored Made-in-China Model 3 upgrades related to the vehicle’s headlights and tail lights. Tesla has not officially announced any improvements to these components in the Model 3, but reports from owners indicate that the vehicles are new. Equipped with bright and clear tail lights. As for the factory chrome removal option, such speculations do not seem to be far off as the Model Y is already shipped without chrome accents.

The most interesting parts of the latest rumors from China are the new steering wheel, the “2.0” version of the center console and the dual glazed glass for better noise isolation. It seems that these speculative updates have not yet been announced by the latest Model 3 owners, however they are in line with Tesla’s trend Roll static improvements To its vehicles over time. Better noise isolation would certainly be a welcome improvement for the Model 3 as it sees the wind noise being observed at higher speeds. This is caused by the lack of an internal combustion engine, which usually mumbles or overtakes the noise of the air in traditional cars.

H / D Es Tesla_Mania.

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