Technical Blood Bath Aside, These Two Giants Ride In The Second Half Of The Recovery Says Senior Analyst

In the apparent catastrophe, the winners of 2020 were completely attacked on Thursday – the Red Sea for the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Tesla DSLA.
And Zoom Video Communications ZM,
RUT, small technology caps
And value stocks VLUE,
Fell. Only a few hard travel stocks actually rose.

“Stock markets are moving south with big technology. Technological exposure is a downward correction in high-priced stocks after a period of intense price action,” says Jeffrey Haley, senior market analyst at Asia Pacific in Onda. “For the rest, the market is long and wrong with some of their P&L. [profit and loss] Gone. “

A chart by the Bespoke Investment Group beautifully combines the fact that the winners were sold.

Eddie Elphinbeen Crosses the Wall Street blog He says these kind of days in the middle of rallies are not uncommon. “Contra-trend rallies are common within big rallies, but we can’t say that this pronounces the end of a superstar stock rally. Clearly, there are tense investors out there who have shown that the bears are ready to push them back,” he says.

Don Eves, a senior technical analyst at Wetbush Securities, was not shaken.

“When [Thursday’s] As a technological bubble and extended ratings become the talk of the town, some white duplicates are increasingly being sold on the street, and secular development themes surrounding the technology sector are accelerating development stories in the COVID context by 1 in some cases for unprecedented 2 years, ”says Ives. “While many good news has been shot under these names, we still consider bullpen like today as opportunities to own secular development stories in the name of cloud, cyber security and technology firm FAANG,” he says, representing FAANG Facebook FB.
Amazon AMZN,
Apple, Netflix NFLX,
And Google owner Alphabet GOOG,

Yves says the second phase of the economic recovery will “supercharge” the foundations and growth paths of well-established technology stocks in the second half of this year and by 2021. “We see this next phase as street numbers move higher and technology stocks further restructured, and the‘ risk ’in trade and the hunt for secular growth stories as we move into the fall of technology investors, despite the volatility, general US / China trade tensions and general tension surrounding the November elections , ”Says Ives.

He says investors should focus on Apple AAPL,
And Microsoft MSFT,
“For Apple, the service business is Gibraltar’s rock [Chief Executive Tim] Cook & Co. is now turning to the biggest demand for drumroll smartphone upgrades, with its iPhone 12 5G supercycle set to launch in early October, ”says Ives. According to Microsoft, “This cloud change and [work-from-home] Dynamic looks to stay here, and the company will be the main beneficiary of this trend with its flagship Azure / Office 365 rights in the coming years, ”he says.


The U.S. economy added 1.37 million jobs in August, 1.2 million more than economists forecast, and the unemployment rate fell to 8.4%.

Outside of payrolls, Broadcom AVGO,
Demand from cloud and telecommunications customers helped semiconductor and industrial software maker to announce stronger than expected revenue late Thursday.


S&P500 ES00,
The deal was better than the Nasdaq-100 NQ00,
A day after the big sale.

Asian ADOW,
Shares fell, while European stocks SXXP,
High ends.

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