Talks about early black and silver laptops, TVs, smartphones

Device makers and retailers are kicking ass Good Friday Initial contracts.

Traditional black and silver deals start on or around Thanksgiving, and there are plenty of initial deals.

Fox News has compiled some of the best.

RANSOMWARE GANG is amassing millions of dollars


Walmart’s initial deals, which begin on November 11, include 4K TVs, HP laptops, Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones. Phone deals are discounted up to Wal 200 and up to $ 750 on Walmart Egypt cards.

The goal

Deals already running on the target website include LG, Samsung and Sony 4K TVs, with deep discounts typically starting at $ 100. Up to 200.

Buy the best

Best Buy deals start on November 22nd. Shoppers can get discounted Samsung and Sony TVs, with discounts usually ranging from $ 200 to $ 400, although they can go up to $ 1,000.

There are a lot of deals on HP and Lenovo laptops, and the savings are usually between $ 200 and $ 300. Other deals include Google Pixel 5 smartphones, Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhone SEs, MacBook Pros and iPod Pros.


The Microsoft Store has initial deals, offering savings of up to $ 400 on laptops from Acer, Lenovo, Razor Blade and Asus, and up to $ 300 on Microsoft Surface devices.


Some good Dell deals are active now. Dell’s popular XPS laptop range includes discounts ranging from $ 200 to $ 350. For example, the XBS 13 is off the 200 discount and the XBS 15 is on the $ 350 discount.


Truth be told, Amazon always offers deals. But it does have a page dedicated to “Holiday Dash Deals.” Most of the initial technical deals listed on this page are accessories such as mice, earrings, phone cases, solar chargers, USB flash drives and solid-state drives.

You can find Amazon savings throughout the year on regular Amazon pages such as Airports, MacBooks and iPods and products such as Samsung and Sony 4K TVs.

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