Sydney Sweeney is hot at the NSA in unnerving HBO Max flick

Sydney Sweeney stars in a disconcerting new movie from HBO that’s best on DVD. The docudrama follows the true exploits of a notorious whistleblower. But is Reality did a heroine or the young soldier betray her country?

If you do not want to steal the pleasure of the eyes, we do not recommend google Reality Winner. In any case, because of the first trailer for the film from HBO, it’s hard not to look for spoilers on the young American very well interpreted by Sydney Sweeney.

Reality premieres May 29 on HBO Max. In the United States, the streaming platform will then simply be called Max. Check out the new pricing and subscriptions here.

Sydney Sweeney scores 100% with Reality

In 2017, Reality Winner was working as a translator for the NSA when she was accused of leaking classified documents about Russian interference in the US presidential election a year earlier. The new HBO film is based on the transcripts of the subsequent interrogation between the FBI and this alleged whistleblower. Besides Reality also a film adaptation of the Broadway play Is it a bedroom?, whose same director is now behind the camera. In addition to Sydney Sweeney, Josh Hamilton and Marchant Davis are also playing admirably.

At the Berlin Film Festival, the HBO docudrama won unanimous support. And although only professional critics have seen the film so far, it scores Reality currently 100% full rotten tomatoes. The rave reviews speak of an outstanding performance from the youngster Euphoria-actress. “Stick to the facts of what really happened, it turns out Reality unexpected revelation, both about the person and the country they served.

Sydney Sweeney and co score an excellent 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb. Also discover his new romantic comedy full of torrid scenes and black humor. Or check out her campaign for Victoria’s Secret.

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Sydney Sweeney in an unnerving HBO Max film with a score of 100%

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