Super Ellen is said to be performing on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and fans are not happy about it

SuperMum is set to release them The first studio album Super One On September 25th. As part of the album’s commercials, The K-pop group Is said to be performed Ellen DeGeneres show On September 23rd. However, due to the talk show and the bad publicity surrounding DeGeneres, Supermin fans are not very excited. Super M Appear on the show.

Super M
Super M | Lester Cohen / Getty Images for the Capitol Music Group

Appeared on Super M 2019 at ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

The Korean band released their debut EP on October 4, 2019. The group then made their American television debut in D.C.She is the Ellen DeGeneres show On October 9, 2019. For the television broadcast, DeGeneres interviewed Pacquiao, Thymine, Kai, Thiong, Ten, Lucas and Mark and members performed their leading single “Jogging”. Their song “I Can’t Stand The Rain” was also uploaded online.

At the end of the interview, DeGeneres asked who the members were dating.

“Well, real quick, not for me, but for the world I need to know are you all lonely?” Asked DeGeneres.

The members replied single, and DeGeneres asked “Are you all lonely?”

“Wait, why are you always so curious about this?” Mark asked.

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“This is my job,” DeGeneres told them.

After the appearance of Super M Ellen DeGeneres show, Due to the media frenzy in the dating life of K-pop idols, some fans faced the problem of DeGeneres’ dating question.

Why some fans don’t want Super M to appear on the show again

Title planet It was recently announced that members of SuperMine are “ready to act temporarily” Ellen DeGeneres show On September 23rd. News fans were less than enthusiastic. Some fans quoted that they felt that DeGeneres was not a great interview when it came to gay-pop groups.

“Oh dear… In my view, when Ellen forces herself to have a laugh she does not hide it well and seems distantly interested in guests (especially when they are from ‘foreign’ businesses like gay -pop), she often gives very supportive behavior,” a Red User Wrote.

Fans have a negative view of the show

For the past few months, controversy has surrounded Ellen DeGeneres show After it was reported that three producers were involved in sexual abuse and harassment. Producers were later fired, and Variety DeGeneres apologized to staff for “toxicity in his monitoring.”

However, it did not do much to alleviate the negative view of the talk show. Fans pointed out that this makes Supermam’s upcoming performance on the show less than ideal.

“Remember when they last went on Ellen, and then Jongin called it boring, always mark Ellen in her place for asking personal dating questions! No, but seriously, this is a promotion they should not have done! SM completely forgets how horrible Ellen is as a person!” It’s everywhere! ” Wrote A Reddit user.

“Why Ellen? Seriously. I don’t think any of their target audience will usually return to her, and certainly do not follow the journey of the toxic work environment that Ellen created / allowed to happen, ”wrote another Reddit user.

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