Streaming Tips #22 – Mocro Mafia, Blackfish and New Amsterdam

With the Broadcast Tips As FWD publishers, we review new offerings from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, SkyShowtime and Disney+. If services like Apple TV and Videoland also have something cool that week, we’ll report that as well. Many tips are based on preferences, but we also pay attention to things like popularity or a specific niche. As a result, many types of movies, cartoons, series and documentaries are covered. If you have any streaming tips from the past week, share them in the comments!

New Amsterdam (Netflix)

Netflix released the third season of medical drama series New Amsterdam this week. It promises to be full of tension, drama and of course the charming Doctor Goodwin. The hospital has the most remarkable patients: from the president of the country to prisoners and people with extremely contagious diseases: you never get bored in this special hospital with its perhaps even more special staff.

Black Fish (Netflix)

It’s chilling, this chronicle of the life of the killer whale Tilikum, who lived in captivity at the SeaWorld amusement park in the United States. What does this captivity do to a wild animal? Can we do anything about this? Animal Lovers: This documentary will wring your heart out, but it’s worth watching nonetheless. Can we treat animals like that, or is it going a bit too far here?

In Search of Soul Food (Disney+)

In this delicious series, chef Alisa Reynolds goes looking for the answer in all sorts of beautiful and fun places: what is soul food? Does who you are have to do with what you eat, and maybe even the other way around? Local dishes, traditions and recipes are shared in this beautiful, colorful series. Eat something first, because the appetite is guaranteed.

Schindler’s List (Sky Showtime)

This cinematic classic is not a happy note, but a difficult note. However, it’s such an iconic film that it had to pass your retina at least once. This Spielberg film tells the story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who decides to organize a refuge for Jews hidden under the Nazi regime. A nice spoiler already: he saved the lives of more than 1000 Jews.

Mocro Mafia (Videoland)

Mocro Maffia is already in its fifth season on Videoland. Remarkably, Videoland doesn’t seem to advertise it much, which is striking. On the one hand because it was the case with the previous seasons, on the other hand because there is hardly anything new on all the streaming services, which makes it very easy to draw attention to Mocro Maffia. Either way, it’s cool to see how things are going now, especially with Pope, who we’ve seen go further in previous seasons.

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