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Storkis motorcycle rally in South Dakota, Govt-19 explodes in Minnesota, new report says

This year, about 460,000 people attended Report, The weekly report on morbidity and mortality was released on Friday.

In neighboring Minnesota, the state health department investigated the outbreak of Govt-19 linked to the rally, which found at least 51 residents attending the rally and sick, and an additional 35 were injured after contacting the last 35 people, the rally said. It said the 35 were home, community and workplace contacts.

Of those 86 cases, four were hospitalized and one died.

in the beginning September, CNN reports Minnesota health department identified Death of a Govt-19 Came from the rally. A spokesman for the department said the man was previously 60 years old, hospitalized in the ICU and had basic health conditions.

One-third of all Minnesota counties had at least one case with the rally, the report said.

“These findings illustrate the far-reaching implications of meetings in one area,” the report says. “The motorcycle rally took place in a neighboring state, which has no policies regarding event size and mask use, which underscores the impact of policies within and within jurisdictions.”

Within the limits of the report, it says the findings do not like the impact the rally has had on other states, and that this figure could underestimate the actual impact of the rally in Minnesota.

Ten of the Govit-19 patients said they had close contacts, but declined to release any of their details, so it was not possible to see if any of the public health workers were ill. At least two rally attendees said they had some Govt-19-like symptoms in their contacts, but did not plan to test.

60% of Sturgeon residents were against a motorcycle rally that would bring in thousands, but the city recognized it. Here's why
Previous CNN studies by state health departments reveald The Panhandle area of ​​Nebraska is believed to be linked to identified rallies in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana and Wyoming.
About 61% of U.S. districts are visited by someone from Sturgis, Camper Systems, which collects and analyzes cell phone activity for health researchers. Previously CNN.

“While not underestimating the full impact of the rally in Minnesota and other states, these findings underscore the importance of reducing the number of participants in meetings and the use of masks, physical distance, isolation for COVID-19 patients and isolation for close contacts to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” the report said this week.

“Furthermore, these findings demonstrate the reason for the sustainable reduction measures across the states.”

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