Stadgenoot delivers new youth centers in the Wildemanbuurt

DThe neighborhood was invited to get to know the inhabitants, social organizations and the building. The youngsters already received their keys last March. The Municipality of Amsterdam, which rents the social spaces in Stadgenoot, delivered the decorated spaces last month.

Decent work

In addition, the special cooperation between the municipality, Stadgenoot and social organizations such as Combiwel, The Beach, Stadsboerderij Osdorp, Stichting Studiezalen, Het Talent primary school, UMZ and Samenwonen-Samenleven was also discussed. All of these partners in the national Samen Nieuw-West program work together to ensure that everyone in Nieuw-West can live comfortably, have enough opportunities to develop and have a decent job.

“This building contributes to the ambitions of the National Program Ensemble Nieuw-Ouest. A good living space in a safe and pleasant neighborhood is a basic requirement for being able to participate in society,” says Anne Wilbers, Chair of the Board of Stadgenoot. “This building offers young residents of the district and the neighborhood a place that corresponds to their current phase of life. In addition, important neighborhood partners will be allocated a place in the building, giving it a function for the entire neighborhood.

own place

Sandra Doevendans, Nieuw-West district manager with the housing portfolio: “I am happy that some of our young people from the Wildeman have obtained their own accommodation. In addition, the Notweg offers a space for people from the neighborhood to meet, relax and connect in addition to living. We build neighborhoods where everyone has their place. So for young and old, no matter what’s in your wallet. Only then will neighborhoods emerge that will become your home.

The houses of Notweg 32. (Photo: Edwin van Eis)

Woongroep Stadgenoot rents the youth centers with a five-year contract. Twelve apartments have been rented to young people in the neighborhood. They form the residential group Notweg 32 under the tutelage of Unite Multizorg (UMZ). UMZ selected the boys. Two young people rent via VoorUit and help the housing group on its way, they are the so-called “community builders”. The other accommodations are rented out to young people via WoningNet. The residential building has a common lounge which can be used by all the young people in the building. Youssef Aouariaghel, director of the UMZ: “In the past, the boys often lived with two or four other young people. Now they have their place. The guys we selected have shown that they are really ready for this.

Pier 32

On the ground floor of the building, 250 square meters are available for social organizations and activities. The location has been named Perron 32. During school hours, Het Talent Elementary School rents the space to provide additional support to students as part of their plus program. Other education and youth support organizations such as Combiwel, The Beach, Stadsboerderij Osdorp and Stichting Studiezalen have also found their place here. And neighborhood activities can be organized. Sandra Doevendans: It’s a place where we meet, where we learn from each other and where we take care of each other. Because people do the Nieuw-West.

The professionals at Schadenberg Bouw have transformed the old school. Solar panels have been installed on the roof, the building is connected to district heating and is completely natural gas free. During the renovation of this municipal monument, great attention was paid to the original details. All windows and frames have been restored to their original materials and colors. Great attention has also been paid to the stairwells. The houses have received an energy label A by carefully insulating them. This is very exceptional for an existing building. All the houses have also received a sound insulation higher than that prescribed by the regulations.

New construction

In the Wildeman and the Blomwijkckerbuurt, work is underway in various places to improve living quarters and public space. Most of the houses in the area were built between 1952 and 1965. Some of these houses will be renovated. Some houses are in poor condition and are being demolished. A new construction will replace it. In the Wildemanbuurt Noord, where the building borders the Notweg, Stadgenoot rents out more than 600 social rental units. The municipality, residents and Stadgenoot are currently working together on a renewal plan for this district.

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