Spanish Netflix series about the drought in Spain wins worldwide success

Spain is suffering the consequences of the huge drought in large parts of the country where not a drop of rain has fallen for months. Due to this water shortage, the reservoirs are less and less filled, with reservoirs already empty. And these reservoirs give up their secrets, as shown in the hit and exciting series “Sequia” from Netflix.

‘Sequia’ is not a Netflix Original, but was purchased from Spanish public broadcaster RTVE which also streams this series for free through the RTVE Play platform and in 2021. “Sequia” has been on Netflix since March 1, 2023, along with two other series, “Monteperdido” and “Tramuntana”. These last two are part of the “La Caza” Trilogy which also includes “Guadiana”. The latter is not yet broadcast on Netflix.

“Sequía” is based on a fact: the prolonged drought causes the fictional reservoir of Campomediano in Andalusia to dry up and two mummified bodies with gunshot wounds emerge. Based on this fact, an exciting thriller is created with an investigation of murders, but in which the lack of haste is one of the main protagonists. In fact, it is suspected that the bodies could be linked to the environmental protests that took place to prevent the creation of the reservoir.

To date, not a single body has been found in Spain (although monuments normally found at the bottom of reservoirs have come to life). But those who have seen the “Sequía” series in the United States have discovered that this story may well be true. On May 3, 2022, as reported by the Las Vegas Police Department, a body ended up in a barrel in Lake Mead which also dried up. Just 5 days later, another body was discovered.

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